We love inspiring and motivating all children and feel it is necessary to make inclusion for all part of our main objectives. We started as a community organisation and have grown into an international performance company.

In recent years we have visited children’s centres and social action projects across the globe – running workshops and performing for children suffering from social exclusion due to issues such as not having parents, being from marginalised parts of society or being in a volatile situation.

To date, we have run workshops in Morocco (2012), India (2014/2015) and Argentina (2014)

We are delighted to have donated circus equipment to these centres, partly with help from www.butterfingers.co.uk (our supplier) This allows the learning to be continuous and sustainable- children will have the opportunity to practice and perfect their skills.

In future we hope to continue this work and visit more centres while also revisiting previous ones- meaning that we can add extra skills, and other important aspects such as performance skills.

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