What are fire shows?

Fire shows are perfect for any event, be it a special birthday party, wedding, school fun day music festival, corporate event or promotion.

Fire is mesmerising, amazing, beautiful, risky (but we do stay a good distance from the crowds), exciting and unforgettable. It is a perfect way to start, finish or punctuate an event.

We offer a full range of fire performances which can include fire juggling, fire diabolo, fire poi, fire staff, juggling fire on a six foot unicycle, passing fire clubs between jugglers, eating fire, fire breathing, giant fire bubbles.

You can have short fire shows added on to your circus skills workshop booking, as a special feature performance with pyrotechnics, or as part of a performance for an event.

We can also offer fire juggling acrobats, fire juggling stilt walkers and fire juggling unicyclists.

We can offer choreographed pieces of fire spectacular with music and theatre or shorter comedy pieces to fit in with circle shows, themed events and school fun days.

We are fully insured for fire juggling and performance and we ensure safety measures to protect audience from the risk of accident.  We have never burned anyone and don’t intend to. Professionalism, safety and pleasure go hand in hand to create a wonderful and unforgettable performance with expert manipulation of what is considered to be the most dangerous of objects to juggle and control.

If you have a particular event or necessity in mind for a fire show please do contact us – we are happy to help and assist with ideas.

We can also offer Circus workshops which can be combined at excellent rates. These often work well together because children love to watch amazing professionals but they also benefit hugely from having a go and learning how its done.Our performers are multi skilled and so you can often have a mix n match of shows and skills to suit your needs.

If there is a particular skill you want for your workshop or performance please do let us know when booking.

What workshops do you do?

We teach and perform skills such as:

  •  Juggling
  •  Diabolo
  •  Club Swinging
  •  Plate Spinning
  •  Devil Sticks
  •  Acrobalance
  •  Trapeze
  •  Stilt Walking
  •  Unicycling
  •  Staff
  •  Poi

Do you do stilt walking?

Stiltwalkers add tremendous effect to any event. Tall, proud and perfectly posed, they interact with the audience in a fun and playful way, attracting huge amounts of attention.

Perfect for fetes, fun days, festivals and even handing out publicity Stilt Walkers act as meet and greets or walkabouts and the crowds will flock to them!

Standing at between 7 and 9 foot tall we have a range of stilt characters; from bubble blowing fairy stiltwakers, juggling and diabolo stiltwalkers, giant clowns, fire juggling giants, victorian themed stiltwalkers, knife juggling gigantic pirates to stiltwalking Christmas trees, gnomes and humongous snowmen.

We can also add themed stilt costumes to any event and have previously walked as 6 foot lumps of cheese, 2 metre bottles of wine and moving trees, not to mention giraffes and Gorillas.

Stiltwalkers are great for meet and greets, walkabouts, publicity, promotions and to add an unbeatable and impressive atmosphere to any event.

They attract and entertain the crowds with highly professional interaction and humour, making the day unforgettable.

We can also offer stiltwalking as part of workshops and corporate training – A fun and challenging activity which involves great concentration and superb for trying an activity which participants never imagined they would achieve.

If you have a question that’s not answered here please feel free to contact us here.